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Tom "Satch" Sanders

Motivational, Social Issues, and Sports Perspectives Speaker


"Do it for YOU first!"
Many of us want to do so much more of everything.
However, we seem to always find "us" standing in the way. This session will help us to move out of our own way and begin to reach the success levels that will enable us to help ourselves and others. It will also deal with the subject of leadership and followership.

"Team player? Not until you are prepared to be the best teammate!"
Most people want to be a team player, particularly if it is a business, job, or a social requirement. The real questions that need to be answered by anyone who wants to be on "the team," are the queries that deal with getting prepared to be a team member. This session will help build the bridges between role situations and good chemistry.

"Respect first, and then maybe love."
We are told that we must love one another, everybody else and everything that happens to breathe the same air as we do. From this presentation, you will get some eye-opening challenges on who and what are worthy of your regard and care.

"Everybody is a role model.
You just don't know who's watching."

People think of role modeling situations that deal with young kids and their needs. We include athletes and entertainers in the mix as modeling for our kids. Questions regarding what's right and what's wrong come into play in this presentation. This session also suggests a rethinking of the role modeling reasoning.

"Good health is good for only adults."
This session addresses how we appear to have shortchanged our children by listening to the so-called education experts when dealing with issues of physical well-being.

"The 'You' Lessons of Competition."
We know about the importance of competition and how it helps us get what we want. But do we know about the many insights that competition gives us? The insights will be explored in this presentation.

"Make it Your Game."
Managing the work environment helps many of us get more from the experience while becoming more productive and stress free. We'll find a way to turn almost any environment into a competitive game and maybe have some fun.

"Who is Really the Number One Winner?"
It's your attitude that helps to determine how you are perceived by workmates, family, and friends. If you think that the only winners are those with the big jobs, the most money, the most fame, you are undervaluing yourself. This session will help you to recognize the winner within.

Satch Sanders

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