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Praise for Satch’s Commuter Moments

The attributes that made Satch Sanders an astute and observant forward on celebrated Boston Celtics championship teams make Satch an astute and observant writer on the American scene. The vignettes in Satch’s Commuter Moments may be wry or poignant, but they are invariably insightful.

—Ira Berkow
Pulitzer Prize-winning sports columnist and author



Satch’s wisdom, judgment, and humor are on display as he serves up a series of vignettes that enlighten and entertain.

—David Stern Commissioner,
National Basketball Association

For those who’ve never had the riveting pleasure of a casual conversation with Satch Sanders, a wonderful opportunity now exists in the pages of Satch’s Commuter Moments, a whimsical book revealing a keen eye for the roles we all play in the passing parade called humanity. Satch sees what most of us skip in the people all around us, those small traits and nuances that constitute the fabric of our lives. Indeed, it’s those little things, so easily overlooked in the rush of everyday living, that make us unique and fascinating to anyone bothering to notice. Satch bothers to notice, and what emerges in his inimitable fashion are the intriguing observations of a very sharp mind; some are hilarious, some are heartbreaking, some are simply poignant. From the highway to the subway, he offers us an extraordinary look at ordinary people, reminding us the best show in town is taking place all around us every day, yet most of us are so preoccupied we miss it. Satch not only doesn’t miss it; he completely gets it!

— Joe Fitzgerald Columnist, Boston Herald

Satch Sanders

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